Big Data Analytics in Logistic Companies

In the last few years, the growth in market adoption of big data technologies for the purpose of data sources analytics has grown significantly. There are many reasons why companies are doing this. However the main reason is because of the potential value that great data amounts from internal and external sources can generate. For example, on-line click-stream and social media data can be analyzed to enrich existing customer insight significantly. By automatically analyzing sensor data in real-time, problems in manufacturing production lines and distribution chains can be detected or predicted and action taken to continually keep them optimized. Today we can see a significant change in how companies are satisfying these new data driven requirements. They are increasingly shifting from using traditional, IT-centric platforms to more decentralized data discovery deployments that are now spreading across the enterprise.Therefore, following aspects should be dealt within the master thesis:1. For which typical processes and tasks in the logistics sector big data analytics can be used win memory processing and online click The investigations may be conducted seamlessly? What effects thus can be achieved for business?2. How Big data analytics can be a value driver for a company?3. Challenges, opportunities & practical implications – What challenges and needs are linked with the useof big data analytics with regard to hardware and software systems of the companies?4. Brief description of industry wide used Big data tools (eg: SAP HANA, IBM Watson, etc.,) and modules that are used in companies and their purposes and what tasks can be done and also what conventional tasks can be replaced by them.And also explanation of new technologies like in-memory processing & computing and online click stream tracking and processing also should be discussed in the or more self-chosen companies where logistics processes play an essential role or examples for each case as well. Even a well-presented case study to demonstrate the practical implications on the subject is possible.