Big Five Personality Types for MGT Class

For reference, it would be nice if you can use some information from “Organizational Behavior: A Practical, Problem-Solving Approach” by Kinicki, A. I will attach a jpg file of the result of my big five personality types.This assignment asks students to assess their personality. This assignment provides students the opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of their weakness and strengths by identifying personality types.1) Explains self-assessment and addresses five personality types (Extraversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness, Emotional Stability, and Openness to Experience).2) The paper includes strengths and weaknesses.3) The paper includes a discussion on how personality types can influence job performance.4) The paper is 1,050 words in length.Writing GuidelinesThe summary is 700 words in length.The paper—including tables and graphs, headings, title page, and reference page—is consistent with APA formatting guidelines and meets course-level requirements.