BIO-PSY the impact of sleep on memory

Fill out the Topic Proposal and Literature Review Worksheet (attached as a file). Be sure all sources are cited
using APA format.

Prompt: You must choose references from reliable sources such as peer-reviewed journals. Answer the following questions on the worksheet, which are based
directly on the critical elements of the final project, providing a minimum of two sentences for each answer:
? What claims do the authors of the study make about the influence of the brain and nervous system on human behavior? What evidence does the study
present for how the brain and nervous system influence human behavior?
? How have advancements in technology influenced research on human behavior?
? How have views on the influence of biological processes on human behavior changed throughout history?
? What conclusions can be reached about research in biopsychology, based on these studies and references?
? Which research designs were used for each study, and how were they used?
? How did the researchers address potential issues of ethics, and did they do so adequately?
? How have issues of ethics in biopsychology research evolved over time, and how did the way these issues were viewed change as the field progressed?
? What is one gap in these studies that could be addressed in future research?
? What is the basic research question you will address in your final paper?