Hindi Cinema (Bollywood)
1. Read Bollywood for Beginners (

Please label your answers as listed below.

(Base your answers on the Bollywood for Beginners article)
1. In your own words describe Bollywood.
2. Discuss two interesting facts presented in the article and state your opinion about them.

Watch the Bollywood Dance scene

Answer the questions below.

(Base your answers on the movie clip)
Please label your answers as listed below.

1. SYNOPSIS: Write a brief (2-3 sentences) synopsis of what you think is taking place in this segment of the movie.
2. MOVEMENT: Write 3-4 sentences, describing the movements of the dancers throughout the piece.
3. QUESTIONS: After viewing the scene write 2 questions that you might have.
o 1-How did the scene make you feel?
o 2-Did you like the music?
o 3-What did you like… or dislike about the piece?
o 4-Do you think you would watch the entire film? Why… Why not?