BP Russia case 3

My instructor is a very hard grader. Please follow the guidelines. Please do not summarized the case, nor google/copy. He checks for plagiarism… He wants facts, details, just straight to the point of what the case is saying about the corporate level, international level, business level and strategy recommendations. Again this paper is NOT a case summary. You must not simply restate what has happened in the case or restate the various facts except where it clearly backs up your own analysis. If you do then you are simply filling the paper with FLUFF and fluff has no value. Also do not state meaningless generalities or other types of fluff. Always get to the point The corporate strategy is… the international strategy is.. the business strategy is… the recommendations are… be firm don\’t over think it my instructor says.Also I will attach a document with the E-book information that will state the password to get to the case. Thank you