Budget and Timeline

Literature review for this strategic plan paper

1) Revenue Projection Model,

2) Capital Budgeting Analysis,

3) Depreciation Calculator,

4) Profit and Loss Projection)

All would be useful for developing my strategic plan for this paper.

Use one or more budgeting tools to outline the financial resources for my proposed change (decrease the nursing shortage by increasing the nurse retension rate )

Reflect on any challenges that arise as I evaluate the financial resources required for this change now and in the future.

Review the information on PERT and other timeline tools, .

Use PERT time line tool and represent the activities that need to be completed to successfully plan and implement my proposed change to decrease the nursing shortage by increasing the nurse retention rate.

Be sure to note dependencies (e.g., a task/milestone that must be completed in order to trigger the next step) and realistically assess the minimum time needed to complete the entire project.

Outline the financial resources for my proposed change.

Describe the budgeting tool(s) you used to arrive at these determinations.

Explain what challenges, if any, you encountered through the budgeting process.

Provide documentation (e.g., Excel worksheets) to support your analysis.

Outline the timeline for the implementation of your proposed change using PERT

Consider how your timeline can allow leeway for variance.

My paper should have these headings with information under

1) What is a Budget

2) Types of Budget
a) Revenue Projection Model
b) Capital Budgeting Analysis
c) Depreciation Calculator
d)Profit and Loss Projection

Then The Table for the Profit and Loss Projection Budget for the year ended 2015

Table can include things like

Revenue for patient services
Revenue for supplement sales
Total revenue
Less expenses
Nursing salaries

Non operation expenses
a) depreciation
b) bad debt
c) less taxes
d) net income

Project Time line Heading with information under

Project Time line Table
over 2-3 months

strategic member assigned
start date
end date
expected outcome

Summary paragraph

I will be uploaded a file on the first 2 section of my project and a sample paper of this assignment that a previous student did to give you an idea of what is required.