1. What are the different network viewpoints in innovative study? Why do authors vary in how they describe innovation networks? How can networks impact actions of members?

2. Part of the dynamics of leadership include dealing with innovation. Describe the 4 Ps of innovation. Provide an example of a product that has gone through an innovative change. Which one of the 4 Ps of innovation did the product go through in order to produce an innovative change? Is there any overlap with another one of the Ps? If so, which one? Explain.

3. Explain the importance of Mintzergs structural archetypes? How did these categories have implications for innovation management? How does Mintzbergs models provide evidence about which firms are likely to fail?

4. Explain the difference between rationalist and incrementalist strategy. Who are the main protagonists of the theories? How have the debates regarding these theories had implications for management?

5. What is meant by mass customization? How can market conditions and consumer desires affect customization? Explain any price considerations that must be factored into the mass customization decision.