Business Analytics 3

Report guidelines

1. The report should consist of a cover page, table of contents, introduction, logically organized sections/topics, a conclusion and a list of references.

2. Choose a fitting sequence of sections/topics for the body of the report. For task 1, number of sections covering points of requirements are essential, you may add other sections deemed relevant. For task 2 and 3 you may use logically organized sections/topics addressing questions for each task and a list of references (if it is necessary).

3. Page limit: five (4) or more pages for Task 1; three (3) or more pages for Tasks 2 and 3 combined.

4. Reports should be written in Microsoft Word (font size 11) and submitted as two Word files (which should be zipped).

* please check in the same file how the professor will evaluate the work in order to have a clear ideas on how you will prepare the paper.