Business and Employment law

I have attached 5 files.
1 is the instructions and guidance to the essay which needs to be followed.
2 of the files are an example of work which received 75% and above.ensure that you focus on the key issues of the question and remember to include cases and relevant sections of the statute.Word Limit: 2000 words excluding footnotes and bibliography.using the Oxford Standard for the Citation of Legal Authorities (OSCOLA).Question 1 Question 2Advise Fatama as to whether she is obliged to use the new equipment and explain the legal situation regarding Sidney and Sabrina 50 marksConsider the prospects of any claim that may be brought under the Equality Act 2010 regarding Joseph and the two women whose applications for employment were turned down. Do NOT use US english. Please use UK.Please make sure you use OSCOLA referencing.use ILAC which is ISSUE, LAW, APPLICATION AND CONCLUSION.