business and organizational innovation

Need to critically reflect on business and organizational innovation, apply conceptual lenses (look for more specific instructions in the doc with name \”specific instructions\” (esp for lenses), plus additional papers I will upload with info highlighted) and assignment brief for a little more info

2 examples:
FedEx – continuous innovation for 40 years, innovation has been spread over all departments and activities, all of the innovations were value adding.

Amazon (sorry didn\’t have time to research, but added some ideas)
Questions to be addressed in each case:
? What makes this case innovative?
? What are the positive contributions of this innovation? Who is receiving value from it?
? What are the (actual and potential) costs of this innovation? Who might be losing from it? Consider also the positive and negative environmental and social impact of this innovation.
? What are the possible future developments of this innovation?
? Are there any entrepreneurial opportunities deriving from this innovation (either in the form of economic or social entrepreneurship opportunities)?
? How is Australia positioned in relation to this innovation: is this country on the forefront or is it a follower?
? What needs to be done to facilitate the spreading of this innovation (and/or to limit its negative impacts)?

Analyze both cases of innovation by covering the abovementioned points. In your conclusion, make a comparison between the two cases, explaining the rationale of your choice (why you picked these two particular examples) and the main insights that you have obtained by the discussion and analysis of these two cases.

PS. if some of the papers are not helpful – you can find another (min 10 of sources required, 5 of which academic (journal articles)) can use more to make sure all ideas are referenced

the word limit is 3000 words (so pls no less than 2750 excluding reference)

please avoid sentences like \”in other words\” where not necessary – give definitions, examples and conclusions, answer the topic questions. Thank you