Business Internal Assessment

Basically I need to choose a syllabus from the book which are: Stakeholders, External Environment, Growth and evolution, organizational structure, leadership and management, motivation, market research, The four Ps(Product, Price, Promotion, Place), . I need you to create a real life research question based on any business but message when you choose a business just so I can see what business it is. that involves one or two of the areas of syllabus I mentioned and the rest I will attach a pdf that shows what exactly I need. There is a word limit for specific parts which is 1500 words for the parts mentioned. It also states the parts that are not part of the world limit.
I bought 8 pages so 2200 words, meaning 1500 words are the specific parts that have a word limit and the other 700 words are not included in the word count an should included in the sections it says, the remaining words can be part of the appendices, graphs, data, etc…
Other than that, you can choose any business to work on, create a research question, if you want make it up I don\’t mind but I need secondary sources like articles, reports and other things that is stated in the document I will attach. No need for primary sources so no need for interviews or surveys nothing, It is based on only secondary sources.
But the syllabus has to be one or two of the ones I stated.
If you put sources you used from websites then just put it in MLA but don\’t use any books please and thanks
I will also attach 2 example Business Internal Assessments so you can see how they look like or should look like.

Recommended Format For the IA:
– Title page, including research question
– Contents page
– Introduction (including the methodology)
– Findings (based on the supporting documents)
– Analysis and discussion of the findings
– Conclusion(s)
– Bibliography and references (including page numbers)
– Appendices: the 3-5 supporting documents.