Business management

Here is a checklist of what I am looking for in your responses to these questions:

*Has the student posted a substantial post. What is substantial? I want to see content, not just \”Yes I agree,\”. Rule of thumb a substantial post will have a minimum of 150-200 words.

Does the response fulfill the understanding of the Learning Objective? Your post should include terms from the chapter and your analysis of what you have read.
Bring it Home! Concluding your post with a \”real life\” situation will also help to confirm your understanding of the material.



1. Explain some of the specific benefits of outsourcing? (150-200 words)

2. When the dollar is weak, how does this impact the final cost of goods sold? How does it impact the life of a contract?(150-200 words)

3. Partnerships move beyond special influence transactions by involving efforts of both firms to coordinate functional activities.

Explain the three tiers that show how partnerships can be segmented based on the intensity and duration of the leadership?(150-200 words)

4. What is the goal of Statistical Process Control? Explain and provide an example.(150-200 words)

5. The underlying behavior of the improvement curve reflects a systematic improvement (percentage reduction) of labor per unit as a function of cumulative units produced. Explain.(150-200 words)

6. Why should the purchasing professional be concerned with strategic planning?(150-200 words)

7. Once the buyer has a complete understanding of what he/she is buying, a thorough price/cost analysis should be performed using the sellers cost data. The buyer cannot be an effective negotiator without the price analysis. The only reasonable way to reduce the price proposal is convincing the seller through data analysis. However, at times it is reasonable to ask for price reductions without a price/cost analysis.

Is this a true statement? Explain(150-200 words)

8.The classical EOQ model assumes that the per-unit material price is fixed.How does this impact the quantity discount condition and the total cost curve? Explain.(150-200 words)

9. List the numerous factors that are included in rate determination for a particular commodity. What are the basic steps involved in the determination of the applicable rates?(150-200 words)

10. What are the two main types of kanban? Explain.(150-200 words)