Business memo report on EB-5 program

In brief, the Program is a United States immigration policy created by the Immigration Act of 1990. Foreign nationals who invest money in the US may attain an EB-5 Visa which could lead to an expedited issuance of a Green Card for not only the individual investor but also his or her immediate family. In order to receive an EB-5 Visa, a foreign national must invest at least $500,000 in a project or business that creates at least 10 new domestic jobs.
The Firm has a basic understanding of the Program, but desires more information. In this respect, please draft a 2-page report to explain:
(1) What the program is,
(2) Who can participate in the Program, and
(3) How investment monies are utilized and how a third-party applies (i.e. what is the criteria) to use Program money.
After reviewing your report, the Firm will decide if the EB-5 program is something we are interested in utilizing.
You must utilized AT LEAST 2 reliable sources for your paper. Use the memo format to respond and incorporate APA format for citation and reference. The report should be in your own words. Do not use quotations and citations for more than 20% of your paper. Your writing should be concise, precise, and straight forward as this is a formal business report. Focus on the above questions as your guides, and each of the questions should be a heading in your report.
Please have the paper finished on time.
Please don\’t hesitate to contact me if you have any question.