Business Strategy

You are the manager for Proctor & Gamble and will participate in the strategic management planning sessions led by senior administration. The following items are on the agenda and you need to prepare for the dialog to come. Consider each of the following aspects of strategic analysis. Remember to always explain your reasoning.(Note: you will also need to choose a single product category marketplace in which P&G competes, e.g., toothpaste or toilet paper or napkins)1) Is this market likely to favor differentiation or cost-leadership strategy? Examine this question through two out of Porter 5 forces.2) Apply the core competence-market matrix to your brand. What actions should P&G take to act strategically for the future?3) Now consider the build-borrow-buy framework for your P&G brand, based on your answers to #1 & #2. What strategic action might the company take to build the appropriate competencies?4) Asses the CAGE distance between the US and any non-North America country in your product category. Which multi-national strategy should P&G undertake?5) Based on your answers in #1, #2, & #4, what might be the appropriate organizational structure for P&G?