cardiovascular disease education program

In a one-page APA paper, write a narrative that describes your search of the literature for evidence, which includes:
List of the names of the databases you searched
If limited to a span of time, i.e., less than 5 years old

Using the appropriate Rapid Clinical Appraisal Tools, appraise one or two articles and add the information to your Evaluation Table to receive feedback from faculty. At this juncture, your table is a work in progress.

You will also turn in the Evaluation Table with two studies appraised (see below) and the Search Tracker for feedback on your search strategies.

After receiving feedback from faculty, add what you have completed this week to Part 1 to begin to build your project proposal paper. Keep this in mind when completing this assignment, using a professional writing style in your narrative.
***Do not rewrite the PICOT question. I already provided it
***REFERENCES no less than 5 years old
***I uploaded the first part to have an idea on the subject
***Articles must match the picot question