Case Analysis

Basic requirement:
Students should select a case topic they are interested in from a list of the Fortune Global 500, or they may develop any case topic they are interested in elsewhere. Students should get approval from the instructor if the case topic is from outside of the list.
Each case report will be 12pages in length, including tables, and data analyze. It should be typed in 12 font, Times New Roman, and double-spaced.
Do not plagiarize work of others. Provide citations in text and bibliography using the APA style format.
Paper should include one page introduction (about your topic) and one page Discussion & Conclusion

Steps to do Report:
STEP 1: Select a specific company or product that interests you
STEP 2: Introduce mission statements of the company/product:
What is the business?
Who is the customer?
What does the customer value?
What is the value proposition of the company?
STEP 3: Analyze international business environments of the company
What are strengths and weaknesses of the company (Internal resources) for going global?
What are opportunities and threats facing the company (external) for going global?
STEP 4: Describe strategic management factors (management problems) facing the company in a path of going international.
STEP 5: Identify competitive advantages of the company in a path of going international.
STEP 6: Discuss a role of going global to resolve the problem of the company
STEP 7: Proofread the manuscript and make citations in text and reference (APA style)

Where to search references and information:
For Assignment 2, you can use a variety of information sources including:
Any articles/information from textbook/book chapters
Any articles/information from the Internet/Websites
Any articles/information from newspapers/magazines
Any information from companys annual reports +
Any information from personal interviews
In summary, they are not necessarily bound to peer-reviewed academic articles.
However, keep always in mind the APA style and Boston University code of academic conduct.