Case study analysis

Case study analysis: Read the case study (found in the Week Four content), and provide a thorough analysis of the situation. Case studies must be written in essay format and should address several the following:

– The history, development, and growth of the company over time
– The identification of the company\’s internal strengths and weaknesses
– The nature of the external environment surrounding the company
– Types of leadership found throughout the company
– The kind of corporate-level strategy pursued by the company
– The nature of the company\’s business-level strategy
– The company\’s structure and control systems and how these match the organization\’s strategy
– Recommendations for the future
Be thorough in your responses, and support your opinions with information from your textbooks and outside resources. (Reference five scholarly sources.) Case study assignments should be formatted according to APA guidelines and 4 – 6 pages in length. Remember, page count refers to the body of the paper only, and does not include the title and reference pages.