Case Study Analysis Ad-lider Embalagens, SA: Marketing Research for Drawstring Trash Bags in Brazil

*THIS IS A CASE STUDY ANALYSIS*,Focus: The focus of this case is the use of market research and sampling techniques in new product development.Case Study Question:Evaluate the design and implementation of marketing research in this case. Based on this evaluation, would you recommend the launch of the Climp Fecha Facil bag? Why or why not? Justify your responses based on the case data and theory.Tips:This case involves two data collection stages – focus groups and purchase intercept interviews (short surveys conducted during a test market). You need to consider all of the primary research conducted in this case when evaluating the design and implementation of the marketing research.Think practically – Brazil is a large country, and it may be impractical to conduct expensive qualitative and quantitative research in many different cities. So balance the ‘ideal’ against the ‘practical’ when critiquing what they have done in this case.Consider the issue of triangulation of the research.