: Case Study Analysis (OLA)

Assessment task : Case Study Analysis Length: 2,000 words
The task:
Drawing upon a Case Study provided, student explore how the following factors influence the
learner\’s L2 development:
i) similarities and differences between L1 and L2
ii) psychological factors
iii) social factors.
Then consider implications for language teaching/learning.
You must draw upon (a) the set textbook (Lightbown & Spada) and (b) at least 4 readings from the required weekly readings of the subject. You may use further references as well, particularly in order to undertake the linguistic analysis of the case, but close and critical reading of (a) and (b) is essential.

Assessment criteria:
Your work will be assessed according to the following criteria:
– Clear explanations of key concepts related to language development, drawing on theories from required subject readings
– Detailed analysis of linguistic, psychological and social dimensions of learning, using ideas from required subject readings
– Relates theory to classroom practice
– Accurate and cohesive written English, with correct citation and referencing

* I attached the case study (OLA) and all description in file (Subject description)