Challenges for Veterans from military to civilian life

Please read the attached article and answer the following questions: (It\’s a Qualitative Research paper)

Sample and setting
-Was the group or population adequately described?
-Were the setting and sample described in sufficient detail?
-Was the approach used to gain access to the site or to recruit participants appropriate?
-What sampling method was used? Was it appropriate to enhance information richness?
-Was the sample size adequate? Was saturation achieved?

Data collection and procedure
-What types of measurement and methods were used to gather data? Are they appropriate?
-Were data gathered through two or more methods to achieve triangulation?
-Was a sufficient amount of data gathered? Was the data of sufficient depth and richness?
-Were data collected in a manner that minimized bias or behavioral distortions?
-Were data collection staff appropriately trained?
-Were appropriate procedures used to safeguard the rights of study participants?