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Course Name: Personal Health and Wellness (HLTH2003)Title of Assignment: iRead Reflection AssignmentAssignment :The purpose of this assignment is to allow teacher educator candidates to reflect, explore, and dialogue with the university instructor concerning topics and issues discussed in class. A five page typed reflection paper with a complete APA citation of the book is required. Students should consider the following format for each entry in the written response but are not limited to this:1. Discuss how the seven components’ of wellness relates to the iRead book and why.2. Examine the association between the iRead book and the health and wellness course.3. Give an example of how the information from the iRead book and components of wellness can be used:a. On a personal level to positively influence wellnessb. On a communal level through program implementation or enhancement.Grade Requirements/Assessment:1. Critical Thinking – In depth thought and logical connections made between text and seven components of wellness2. Communication – Format, Quality of writing, Sentence structure, Grammar, Clear grasp of concepts3. Personal Responsibility – How the information is applied to real life situationsProgram Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs) Health1. Graduates can communicate effectively in written and oral and verbal forms of expression.2. Graduates can plan and implement effective health education programs.3. Graduates can evaluate health programs and coordinate health program services.4. Graduates can evaluate the scientific literature in the discipline, and understand and synthesize relevant information.5. Graduates can demonstrate