Chinese Ethnic Group in California

CHECK REVISION COMMENTSPlease edit my paper by providing specific details or example instead of just broad contents. I need the contents to be precise and be specific.Change the essay using chronological order, talk about the past at the beginning and then transition to present. When talking about present, be sure to also using some reference in the past, to compare and contrast the differences and similarities.Please dig deep to research on the contents that i already have in my paper! Be sure to narrow the topic for contents on each paragraph! For example, I mentioned the taipei rebellion in the essay, you need to explain a bit about the reason the rebellion make chinese leave, because of war? or work? or other stuff? (You will need to explain deeply and precise the stuff that i mentioned in each paragraph of the essay( YOU WILL NEED TO DO SOME DEEP RESEARCH ON THAT. talk about how it relates to chinese people, the affect.Also, talk about Chinatown difference between the past and present, how many people were in chinatown in the 19th century or before 19 century. Also, the explain the chinese culture center, who is running that, why is there?in addition, explain why Betty, the controller is important, as chinese representative. and why she didnt get elected in 19th century. And how is chinatown important to cultural roots,?for the parade in san francisoc chinatown, why people are aearing tradiational clothing. also talk about the religion in chinatown. everything you mention in the essay suppose to be in california and focus on san francisco. everything that you talk about have to explain precisely about why is it important to chinese culture, how is that related to chinese culture,and the difference and smilarites between the past(19th century or before 19century) and the present nowadays!expkain the snapshot in chinatown, how many people were there, what life wwas it like in the 19 century and compare to present. And research other contents that i mentioned in my essay! be precise and specific.using chronological order from past (19century and before 19century) to present. when talking about present, use some reference refer back to the past to compare and contrast. but the whole essay has to be in chronological order! Thank you