Chinese experiences in the Wild West, and the Chinese Exclusion Act

In order to basically get across exactly what I\’ll need, I\’m going to include a checklist. When you see references to \”Primary Sources\”, please note that these are \”Major Problems in the History of the American West\” (ISBN: 978-0-669-41580-3) and \”\”Its your Misfortune and None of My Own\”: A New History of the American West\” (ISBN: 978-0-8061-2567-1)1. A well constructed thesis statement.2. A critical examination of primary sources.3. Consulted quality secondary sources.4. Well constructed paragraphs.5. Proper use of language, spelling, punctuation, and other mistakes.6. Pages with one inch margins and double spaced. Also uses 12-point Times New Roman.7. Uses the Chicago Manual Style for documentation.8. A separate Bibliography page, which list both the primary and secondary sources consulted.