choose ONE of the following questions.

1. How have artists used digital technologies to transform artistic practice in one or more of the following fields: visual art, film/video, music, design, literature or performance? (Note: your essay should go beyond mere description to critically assess the cultural and/or aesthetic significance of these changes.)

2. According to Marcel Duchamp, it is the viewer that completes the work of art. Discuss and critically evaluate the changing role of the audience/user/interactor/participant in at least two new media art forms (examples may be chosen from the visual arts, film/video/television, performance, music, games).

3. Digital technologies have enabled powerful new forms of artistic creation, simulation and special effects. Discuss and analyse the relationship between the real and the artificial in one or more new media examples.

4. How do new media art forms engage with contemporary social issues? Choose a key theme, for example, surveillance, human-computer interaction, artificial life, the posthuman (note: you may choose your own theme with approval from your tutor) and discuss examples of artworks that explore and critically engage with this theme.

5. Discuss and analyse the ways digital technologies are remediating and transforming existing cultural forms.?Choose one or more of the following: photography, film, video, arts, sculpture, literature, performance, music.