Coach\’s Handbook

Organization, effective communication, and a comprehensive coaching philosophy are some of the keys to most successful coaches. Coaches at all levels often meet with their players, parents of players, and coaching staff as a group at the start of a sports season. For this Final Project, students will develop a presentation in PowerPoint that provides your players, their parents, and your coaching staff with valuable information that will assist others in understanding various aspects about your program.

Some examples of this information can include: Coaching Philosophy, Team Rules, Coaches Responsibilities, Player Conduct, How Players are selected for the team, How playing time is determined, Travel Guidelines, Training Programs, Sample Practice Plans, Motivational Messages, Practice Expectations, Game Expectations, Offensive and Defensive Philosophies, etc. Do not limit yourself to the examples I provided. Instead, use the ones you feel are most important to you as a coach and create some of your own unique topics to discuss/explain for this meeting. Only include information pertinent to demonstrating how you coach and manage your program. Do not worry about creating information that is not representative of your coaching philosophy, style, and leadership; such as game schedules, insurance forms, permission slips, eligibility requirements, etc. You DO NOT have to include this type of information in your Handbook.

Submission: Students must submit a PPT presentation which includes at least 15 PowerPoint slides, not including the Title and Reference page. Students must use the notes section of the PowerPoint presentation to further explain and provide specific details related to what is being presented in each slide. Additionally, students must write and submit an outline of your presentation in a word document and submit. The outline should demonstrate an organized list and brief description of each section or topic you cover. The outline should act as a guide for you to present your slides to the audience. These do not have to be written out in essay style, but rather an outline style which helps you cover all of the main areas you want to cover in this meeting. Students must cite at least one reference at the end of the PPT presentation.