Coding and billing from a nurse\’s practitioner\’s perspective

M 7.1 Role Perspective on Coding and Billing Discussion Topic From your role perspective as a family nurse practitioner: 1) How important is it to nursing and health care that we have accurate coding of patient care? 2) What can you do in your role to \”hardwire” complete and accurate documentation for coding? 3) What do you think the effects will be to healthcare and your setting if we don\’t achieve accuracy?M7.2 Coding and Nursing Reasoning/Wisdom Discussion Topic Again, from your role perspective: 1) How could you use the data from accurate coding to improve the work environment and health care? 2) How would the analysis of accurate data improve our clinical reasoning (attending to the right cues, issues, doing the right thing at the right time to achieve the best outcomes) and clinical wisdom?Summary and Reflections Discussion Topic How have your perspectives on coding/billing changes as a result of this module or have they?I have attached resources, you do not need to use them all. You can use other resources if preferred.First use the full title family nurse practitioner then use FNP. Same for anything that can be abbreviated.