Comaping and Contrasting Gottman\’s and Johnson\’s approaches to working with couples

2. Paper: You will write a paper comparing and contrasting Gottmans and Johnsons approaches to working with couples. Compare and contrast the theories, concepts, goals, and interventions associated with each. You (near the end of the paper) should also state which of the models each of you thinks better for you and why (which one fits better with your worldview). The paper will be graded on APA style, writing style, adherence to assignment requirements, and content. The paper is to be 10-12 pages of content (excluding title page, abstract, and reference page) and follow strict APA style. The paper must be turned in online through the assignment tab. Below are possible questions to consider when comparing and contrasting the approaches:

a. What is the definition of change?
b. How is change measured?
c. How does the counselor help create change?
d. What are typical goals for each approach and who has responsibility for creating them (counselor, clients, both)?
e. How does the counselor join with clients?
f. How does each approach treat emotion, behavior, and cognition?
g. How do you decide when counseling should be terminated?
h. How important is hypothesizing and assessment?
i. How does each approach address issues of diversity?
j. What are the challenges in utilizing each approach?