Comment and critically analyse the various scenarios and not simply the description and explanation of the learning process.

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Project Plan course online due last years but didnt have time to named it take this as a reference in order to answer all question ask above this, you will find the outline in which explain you what you have to write down. The overall topic must talk about all my experience in the fine dining Restauntant.
Saying that. Please feel free to ask me any question regarding this project as it is very important to do it
I also want to say that before staring. if you need some clarification. Please let me know because I have already had misunderstanding regarding the outline. Here I try to make it the explanation with details which will help you to do it.

Dear. Luis Anderson Guerrero Payan,
We confirm by this letter and dated 07 January. 2016 that: Mr. Luis Anderson Guerrero Payan do 08. December. 1991 as a result of effectuating 5 month within our fine dining castle restaurant as an assistant manager in Vuissens Switzerland. The path of managing the restaurant, Luis Anderson Guerrero Payan run all the staff when the manager was not on duty which was a great asset for us.
Our assistant whom is Luis Anderson know the work he was assign for. This make our team an asset to our restaurant as a result of having. Luis Anderson Guerrero Payan
He is an exemplary workers who show professionalism and respect to others. He directed all duties to their employees their daily routine to make sure the employees are make sure that the satisfaction of the customers were met.
Mister Luis Anderson had use all his knowledge of fine dining with the following personalities that are required to do this job which are;
Leadership skills: where he has to motivate, and innovate new decisions and solving problems
Teamwork: he have the sense on organization and communication. He could made a spiral of motivation and warm atmosphere. Which put all of worker on track to work on.
Customers services: He have a strong cultural social life which was a great thing because he could talk with different person with their own languages. (Ex. Luis Anderson Guerrero Payan did have a table where they were only Germans speaker. He could handle without a problem and the feedback from the costumers were excellent)
Mister Luis Anderson Guerrero Payan knew how to act with standard and quality to their employees and costumer within our establishment. He was also ensuring customer satisfaction across giving advice properly about quality control.
The assistant manager was also in charge of making sure all employee have their own duty. It could go from supplies to cash register and so on.
Saying all this, as conclusion Anderson have the sense of communication and the art of satisfying customers need.

Part 1: Introduction and First Impressions (20%) 300 words

As the word count is restricted to a maximum of 2,300 words, you are required to introduce your organisation, and an explanation of your internship position and reflect on your first impressions using a maximum of 300 words.

What was your first impression of the internship site and the people you will be working with? What do you think their impression was of you?

It is not important that a full biography of your host organisation is cited; merely a simple description of the location, type and scope of the business is required.

The following two sections are briefing notes on how you are to approach the separate sections and to explain some of the key criteria that have to be met in each of those sections.

Part 2: Reflection on Competencies Development (Collaboration and Communication) (40%) 1000 words

In this section, you are to reflect on how you believe you have developed your collaboration and communication competencies outlined in this course. You are required to critically evaluate how you may have used your understanding of some of the theoretical concepts learned in your courses from your earlier semesters, during your work-based experience. You may also have been introduced to these concepts as a result of this or previous experiences in the operational world of hospitality and its associated industries. In assisting you to frame your learning from your self-reflection, this section requires you to introduce and explain the theory/ies that are related to the practical area of your learning. In many cases this will require you to present a model, by presenting the model itself and then explaining its relevance to your learning. As this theory will be from academic sources, this has to be referenced accordingly.

As this section requires approximately 1000 words, it would not be unreasonable to write around 500 words for each competence that has been developed/evaluated. Thus having introduced the theory, you need to explain the scenario in which the learning of the theory has been applied in the real life world of business. This will require an element of description, but it is expected that you demonstrate critical analysis in positioning this learning in the context of the professional setting and experiential learning and your own personal evaluation of the scenario.

Please remember that this should not be written from the perspective of I think, moreover it should be written in third person. For example: it would not be unreasonable to expect the out-booking of guests to lead to customer dissatisfaction, and it could be questioned whether or not this is a strategy that the hotel should follow in the long term.

Core criteria to be covered in this section:

1. Show development of the 2 identified competences (collaboration and communication) to be explained in relation to your learning and referenced to academic theory
2. Comment and critically analyse the various scenarios and not simply the description and explanation of the learning process
3. Link your reflections to theories and sources you have read using the APA referencing standards. The writing should be cohesively pieced together, with the appropriate use of grammar, terminology, subheadings and attention to detail.

Part 3: Professionalism Case Study (40%) 1000 words

– As a professional in your field, you have a responsibility to develop professionalism in your field. As you became more familiar with your internship site and experienced the daily culture, environment, and tasks, you began encountering a variety of situations that required your professionalism.

– How did your professionalism and professional attitude help you solve a problem? (Describe the problem clearly)

– How can you develop your professionalism further?

– Include at least two examples from your internship experience that show best practices in terms of professionalism and professional practice. Include one example from your internship experience that highlights a lack of professionalism. Please explain why this situation was lacking in professionalism from your personal perspective.

– Make sure you link these examples to theories and reference them using APA referencing. Resources Available: G.I.H.E Library and proprietary databases