communication skills

Mobile telephone has transformed the way in which consumers and businesses operate in developing markets. As an increasing number of people rely less on land line, the preferred mode of telephone communication is the mobile device.
You are required to explore the impact of mobile telephone devices on business growth in developing markets and social communication and prepare a non-technical management report of 2,500 words.

Special Instructions:
With regard to your assignment it is important that you bear the following instructions in mind when writing:

1. Harvard referencing system is mandatory.
2. Font 12, Calibri, double spacing should be used.
3. Bibliographies must be presented in full detail, in alphabetical order and should only contain works referenced in the text.
4. Failure to comply with these instructions will result in work being returned unmarked, and penalties for late submission will apply until these faults are rectified.
5. These assignments MUST be submitted via TURNITIN links on moodle.
6. Late assignments will incur penalties.
7. Under no circumstances should assignments or reflective journals be emailed to me. Only work submitted via Turnitin links will be accepted.