Community Assessment 5: Recommendations

I will upload the Action plan template and paper from last week to use.

Part 1-Prioritize
Using the information you have gained from your analysis of your community assessment and your research and the Health Promotion/Clinical Interventions you identified in Week 4, decide what needs to be done and in what order.

Part 2-Plan
A. Create a plan (see Action Plan Template) for achieving the health promotion/ clinical prevention intervention you selected.
Include the following in your Action Plan:
Key Finding
Activity or Response
Person Responsible
Indicators of Success
B. Write a 1-2 page paper that discusses the action plan in detail. Your plan is to include:
How you would involve the community and the population (1-3 paragraphs). Include how you would engage the population, promote self-awareness, and empower the population to promote change.
A comprehensive, in depth, yet concise description of your health promotion/clinical prevention intervention (1-3 paragraphs).
Include the what, how, who, when, and where.
A description and example of how you will assess your level of success. Include how you will measure it if you are successful. (For example: My assessment tool will be a pre-and post-survey. Prior to and following my health promotion I will survey the population [survey included in Appendix A]).
As you create your plan, you are encouraged to be creative and collaborative.
Include your Action Plan as an appendix to your document.