Community Engagement Plan

Assignment 1: Community Engagement Plan

Purpose: This task provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate your understanding of approaches to community engagement and to plan a community engagement strategy for a relevant professional context.
Process: For this assignment you may use a local, regional, national or international context. You can choose any setting eg. School, organization, government or non-government agency. To complete this assignment you will need to include the following:
1 Identify and give a brief description of the community and the key stakeholders who would be key to the community engagement process. Provide an explanation for why change is needed and where the drive for change is coming from. Articulate a theory of change that is congruent with the change endeavor.
2 Identify a model of community engagement that you will use for planning your engagement strategy. Articulate the principles that will guide your strategy.
3 Consider how this community engagement process could contribute to a broader community development initiative
4 Develop a community engagement strategy describing a range of processes to engage stakeholders in this change process.
5 Identify and discuss the barriers and risks that may be experienced and how you might overcome these.
6 Identify any social justice or political issues associated with this change initiative and how they could impact upon your plan?

Assessment Criteria
1 Clear explanation of the context, the community change issue, the community and key stakeholders, theoretical perspective that informs this change project and principles guiding community engagement (30 %)
2 Critical analysis of the social justice and political issues (5%).
3 Logically sequenced, coherent and sufficiently comprehensive plan for engagement (30%).
4 Critical analysis of risks and barriers (10%)
5 Demonstrated understanding of the relationship between community engagement and community development (5%)
6 Integration of academic literature from a range of sources and appropriate academic writing and referencing (20%)

Please use Harvard referencing.