community organizations

Critically compare and contrast the governance and management of any three (3) Community Sector Organisations of your choice, with special reference to how they demonstrate their effectiveness in achieving organisational objectives. The essential elements of the assignment are as follows: (a) An Introduction which provides a concise overview of the work of each organisation. (b) The use of a typology or grid as a clear and concise visual summary of the differences and similarities in the governance and management of the three organisations. Please Note: The number of aspects of governance and management compared should not exceed five (5), so as to avoid overly complex and unwieldy analyses. (c) A critical discussion of the material summarised in the grid in (b), with reference to appropriate literature. (d) A discussion of how each organisation seeks to demonstrate effectiveness. This could be done in different ways, limited only by students own creativity. For example: demonstrating effectiveness could simply be included as one of the aspects-elements of the grid in (a) or discussion of effectiveness could be included in the final section of the report.