Comparative Poetry Essay

Construct a 1000 word comparative essay with 3 paragraphs. Each paragraph should compare and contrast two poems by two poets: the poems in each paragraph to be looked at are:

Paragraph 1: Compare how Ted Hughes full moon and little Frida and Sylvia Plath the moon and the yew tree use symbolism, imagery and personification to portray their idea of nature as an awe inspiring or sinister entity in our world

Paragraph 2: compare how Tulips by Sylvia Plath and Thistles by Ted Hughes both explore the immense power of nature in our world and its regenerative qualities on humankind through strong imagery, metaphors, personification and use of language.

Paragraph 3: compare how Ted Hughes the thought foxand W.B yeats the wild swans at coole

You must clearly discuss the ideas of the poems, and demonstrate an analysis of the ways in which these poets use stylistic features and language techniques to enhance their communication of ideas, and influence the reader.

You may choose to group the paragraphs under one overarching theme, and discuss the similar and different ways in which the poets explore this idea.

You may choose to focus strongly on two or three particular techniques, such as symbolism, imagery, rhyme scheme or structure, for example, and compare the similar and different ways these are used by the poets.

You do not need a formal introduction or conclusion but you do need strong and clear topic sentences to guide the reader through your discussion and analysis.

Needs reader response and direct quotes from the poems to support techniques discussed in each paragraph. Quotes need to be put into \”\”.

1000 words max for 3 paragraphs.

Please refer to attached documents for notes and supporting evidence. However the original poems need to be looked at.