Compare and contrast the three main approaches; Psychodynamic, Cognitive behavioural and Humanistic. Consider their early history and current contribution to Counselling Psychology today. Who were the main psychologists to develop each of these approa

This argumentative essay is a Psychology undergraduate level. Therefore, it MUST be highly critical and analytical. It also has to be clear, concise and argumentative. It must NOT be historical and descriptive. Please give a close attention to detail in the arguments. In regards of the structure, the introduction needs to be very brief as they want us to write and focus more on the main section and the conclusion. The essay formatting needs to be APA referencing and reference accordingly as you go along in the essay. There have to be 12 references sources in total and these sources needs to be from journals and books. Also the literature must be up to date. Do make sure to cite more recent ones than old studies.
Good grammar and proofreading is very essential. Not sub-headings only the main title. Not bullet points either
Once again, please present a balanced argument which often means finding information for and against a particular position. Do indicate how a particular piece of evidence relates to the theories that are being discussed i.e. Does it support, contradict or say nothing about the particular theory
The conclusions should contain a brief summary of the arguments presented in the main part of the essay, and what you have concluded. Do also comment on the strengths and weaknesses of the approaches that has been discussed in the main section of the essay.