Compare the business side of three newspapers or news sites.

Select one mainstream newspaper, magazine or its website in English and two ethnic newspapers, magazines or news sites, published in this country.

The ethnic publications can be written in a foreign language, bilingual or in English but they should cover the U.S. ethnic communities they represent.

Dont pick a foreign newspaper or news site that doesnt have strong coverage of that ethnic community in the United States.

As in Assignment 1, the goal of this course is for you to compare mainstream and ethnic publications and how they cover U.S. ethnic communities.

In this case, your goal is to figure out how they are financed.

In Assignment 1, when you were comparing mainstream and ethnic newspapers or news sites, some of you wondered why the ethnic publications were not offering as many stories and other features as the mainstream publications. Please consider that these mainstream publications are usually multi-million dollar companies with thousands of employees, while the ethnic publications (especially the startup websites) could be simply stay-at-home small businesses operated by two or three people.

How much these publication offer always depends on how many advertisements they can sell.

This time, you will explore the finances of these newspapers. How do they pay their bills and their employees? How do they make a profit? But You DO NOT have to use the same newspapers or sites you selected for Assignment 1. In fact, if you chose a foreign paper that doesnt cover a U.S. ethnic community for Assignment 1, you will need to switch to U.S. ethnic publications.

As Im sure you know, proceeds from the newsstand and subscription sales of these publications are minimal. They could not survive on circulation (or publication sales) alone. These publications depend almost entirely on income from advertising. And yet the amount they can charge for their ads is usually based on how many people are buying and reading these publications. Thats why some publications are free. They are seeking circulation (readers) so they can sell ads. And thats why some newspapers are fatter than others. Their page numbers is determined by the number and size of the ads they sell.

But who is advertising in them? How often? How big are their ads? Are the ethnic publications getting the same kinds of ads as the mainstream papers? Where do you find the big full-page ads from car dealers, department stores and corporate America? Where are small businesses advertising? Who is looking to sell goods and services and in what kind of publications mainstream or ethnic or both?

And the ads themselves, do some of them try to appeal to ethnic consumers? And which publications are carrying ads that are culturally sensitive? Do the ethnic ads look any different?

You are expected to address the aforementioned questions and cite other points to compare the advertising in ethnic vs. mainstream publications. AND YOU ARE EXPECTED TO CITE EXAMPLES.

If you pick publications that have a section for classified advertisements which will undoubtedly enhance your report compare the similarities and differences in the goods and services sold in mainstream classifieds vs. ethnic classifieds. Are there cultural differences there too? Give examples!

Please note that in order to find substantial advertising sections, you will likely need to look for the print version of the publications you choose, since the online versions might be a bit weak on ads, especially classifieds.

You have three weeks to prepare this report. I strongly recommend that you look at several editions of the papers you chose not just one days edition. I also strongly recommend that you look at all their advertising in both their print and online and editions and compare that too.

Please keep in mind that many large print publications have been struggling and even dying, because they have not been able to figure out how to make as much money from online advertising as they did from print ads. Heres an article that deals with this issue:

El Diario: A Dying Newspaper Writes Its Final Pages

And this is a great (and funny) video on this subject:

And while you are choosing your three publications, if you find one that is too small and deficient for you to make good comparisons with you other two publications, move on to another one. Dont get stuck with a site that has very little for you to work with.

Report must include:

A synopsis of your findings.

A bibliography in APA format.