Compare two (2) toys designed for young babies (0-6 months only) that are suitable colors, pattern, and design, and meet infant vision motor movement capabilities in the first couple of months.

Compare infant toys from one of the following stores – Toys R Us , Target, Babies R Us, Walmart, or any other good toy store that is close to you. You want a wide range of infant directed toys. You must still support your findings with peer reviewed work as discussed above.Your task is to look for toys for babies between the ages of 0-6 months only. Remember this age range is specific and you may not find toys exact to this but you are not interested in looking at anything beyond 6 months.You have read about and viewed videos on vision and movement in young babies and so your job is to find:Two (2) toys designed for young babies that are suitable colors, pattern, and design, and meet infant vision capabilities in the first couple of months.Describe each toy (take pictures and attach if you desire) – what it’s made of/what sounds, textures, etc. it has. DO NOT copy/paste the description of the toy from the packaging. You may go online and download images from the internet. But this is a practical task that requires you to make decisions based on your learning NOT what manufacturers or marketers tell you about products.Explain if you think the toy has:High contrast colors, e.g., that are easy to detect, or if the color range is restrictive, too complex not complex enough etc. (See my additional slides for color vision in infant development)Good design for vision or motor movement for development over the first 2-3 months.Tell me if you think the toy is a good design overall or if you believe it has potential issues/weaknesses. (e.g., quality, sturdiness, sharp/rough edges, easy to choke on etc.). Compare and contrast the two items you have chosen. Be critical thinkers!Note if you think you would buy that particular item for a baby you know and why.attached is an older version of the text we are reading Vision and motor skill information along with cognitive and sensory information can be found in Chapters 4, 5, 6 & 7.Here are a few resources that I would like to share to help you with the Critical Thinking Assignments. Remember you do need to include 2 peer reviewed sources in order to receive full credit.This chart can help you to identify peer review and scholarly sources v. popular sources. proof read your document.Please only submit docx. (Word) documents.When completed, proof read, and save your document.No more than 2-3 pages in length.Follow basic APA formatting i.e. 12pt font (Times or Arial), double spaced, 1 inch margins.You do not need a cover page but you must cite references in APA style.Be clear, and concise, but thorough in order to expect full points.Use two (2) peer reviewed journal articles to support your arguments/claims. The book can be used as an extra resource (the book also provides several resources to look up).