Comparing and contrast between the \”Ancient Chinese Seals images or characters and The contemporary seal stamp images\” in our real life?

-Could you please send me the Paper Topic and Provisional thesis statement in Novermber 18, Friday, I have to submit that first. Thanks

-What is the similar and different

-Relation between these Ancient Chinese chop(Images pattern) and Contemporary.

-Professor wants me to focusing more on stamp image/ Character, but can mentioned some of the \”Seals\” it self.

-I wish this paper will conclue the Colors, styles, shapes, materials, Such as: Most of seals are using red color for stamping?Basically, the Shapes are circular or square?Text always fullfill to the Shape.

-In ancient Chinese times the general patterns are engraved with seal on the jade.
In Real life Contempotary?Restaurant seal stamp?company seal stamp?School seal stamp.

-Ancient Chinese use jade? Contemporary using wood?rock?jade?pearl..

-Also, professor gives me a feedback:
Are you thinking about discussing seals as objects, or rather focusing on \”stamped images/characters\”? The latter may suit better our purpose as you can incorporate what we studied about calligraphy and you can probably utilize your knowledge of the Chinese language as well.

-In my opinion, In Ancient China?before is used for trade certificate.After?it development as a symbol of the rights.The ancient officials and King own the seals to show their hierarchy?also most of chinese scholars use seals on their works? It is symbol identity?In contemporary life?some companies and stores are using seals on the file identification or signed stationery?

-Professor think Identity is a good point can mention out?

-I hope you can understand better about my paper, Thanks for your help