instruction is listed:
we want you to build on the skills you have developed so far and compare two texts that deal with a similar theme. This requires you to understand them deeply (a skill you already practiced in your summary) but then go deeper, thinking critically about how they are connected to one another.

Comparing and contrasting is not an exercise that comes with an obvious answer, or a single correct answer. Things that look very different when looked at closely can also be interpreted as having some basic thematic similarities its all a matter of perspective. What matters here is your understanding of the texts and your skill in building interpretations of them.

Using the excerpt from Justin Willis Potent Brews and Laura Phillips article In Defense of Their Families, as well as material from Prof. Deckers and Prof. Campbells lectures as needed, please answer the following question in an argumentative two-page essay:

Compare and contrast the way that alcohol consumption and production influenced womens lives in colonial East Africa and pre-revolutionary Russia. The best answers will advance a hypothesis explaining the similarities or differences observed.

sources must from the story and powerpoint I send you. can be more sources as needed and cited in a proper way.
thank you.