conflict resolution

Choose between the following two options to critically analyze a conflict intervention for an organization or community group (3-5 pages).

Due date:

Sunday, Week 9. Post your analysis paper in Analyzing a Conflict Intervention Submissions (under Assignments for Unit Three).

Options for Assignment III:

1. Choosing one case study from the required texts, critically reflect on a conflict intervention in an organization. The heart of your critical analysis will be in the end of your paper, where you should discuss the significance of your analysis, such as the insights and/or questions emerging for you as you consider the case study. The recommended case studies are listed below.

Case studies from Cloke & Goldsmith (from Ch. 5):

Conflict on board (pp. 130-144)
School for scandal (pp. 145-155)
Communication down the drain (pp. 156-165)
Case studies from from Winslade & Monk:

Outsider witness practices in organizational disputes (Ch. 6)
Employment mediation (Ch. 7)
Restorative conferencing in schools (Ch. 8)
Conflict resolution in health care (Ch. 9)
2. Create a case study from a conflict in an organization that you are familiar with. After a brief description of the conflict, articulate a plan of conflict intervention that may be useful for the participants of the conflict. Make sure to rely on authors in the course to inform the intervention. End by discussing the insights emerging from considering the intervention case study.

Cloke, K., & Goldsmith, J. (2000). Resolving personal and organizational conflict: Stories of transformation and forgiveness. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass

Winslade, J., & Monk, G. (2008). Practicing narrative mediation: Loosening the grip of conflict.
San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass