Contemporary Marketing Apple issue

a report
Analyses the different strategies adopted by Apple in the segmentation of the market for its popular iPhone range of mobile telephones, and especially to attract non-traditional consumers to such a hi-tech brand.
Use your knowledge of formal report writing skills and of strategic and tactical communication skills to create the basis for a communications strategy document. This assignment is intended to enable you to reflect upon the practice of public relations. It should reveal your understanding of how to apply the theory/models that have shaped the interdisciplinary flow of knowledge found primarily in public relations, management, communication science and media related sources.

This formative assessment is related to learning outcomes 1,2 & 3

On successful completion of this module a student will be able to:
1. Identify and critically review key marketing concepts and terminology
2. Recognise and critically evaluate the application of marketing practices from the point of view of the consumer
3. Assess the role of current trends in marketing, as components in the contemporary commercial environment.