Contemporary Marketing Communications Issues

Read the article Is the agency model broken? in the context of marketing communications then critically discuss the issues therein.

A grading sheet accompanies this assignment which will be used to assess your academic essay. Consult it as you plan, draft, proof-read and do a final edit of your assignment. This assignment relates to learning outcome 1. Refer to your grading sheet in terms of how these learning outcomes are addressed and assessed.
essay (maximum. 2,000 words) is to be submitted using double spacing, Ariel 10 or 12 point font, with page numbers in the below right hand corner. Do not extend your effort beyond the word limit. Part of the assessment is to show an ability to edit your work and succinctly use the word guidelines. Consult the student handbook regarding penalties when these guidelines are ignored.
Do not rely on long quotations to illustrate a point, but use quoted material to defend or highlight YOUR argued points. Reduce the amount of quoted material to paraphrased ideas or short phrases as opposed to long sentences. Quoted material is intended to SUPPORT your ideas. Also, quoted material should not stand alone, but be incorporated into the text.

Do not use any quoted material in the conclusion. In this section draw together key ideas of your essay without the use of new information.

After the learning outcomes have been assessed, a final mark is given which takes into account spelling, grammar and word use.

Critical examination of concept of integrated marketing communications agency 30%
Understanding and knowledge of development and current condition of IMC agency 30%
The impact of recent changes in customer relationships -30%
Structure, referencing and style – 10%