Counseling Resource Notebook

Clinical Counseling Resource Notebook
Collect, organize, and present in a resource notebook, Assessment/Diagnosis and Treatment Planning information relevant to the practice of individual counseling. Include practical information that you can use in your work as a professional counselor. The Counseling Resource Notebook should consist of Assessment & Diagnosis, & and also Counseling Treatment Plan for individual counseling.

Collect the following items for the notebook:
(1) Counseling Assessment & Diagnosis
a. Intake Interview
b. Tests & Tools

(2) Counseling Treatment Plan
a. Working Alliance
b. Importance of Goal Achievement
c. Choosing Evidence Based Techniques

This Resource Notebook should have quality, breadth and depth of information. Examples of items to collect include:
Personal journal entries
Literature from counseling organizations and agencies
Charts, drawings, and other handouts related to the counseling practice
Reference lists for books, videos and other materials addressing counseling issues
Website resources

This Resource Notebook should have quality, breadth and depth.