Country and Industry Business Brief

Research Paper – Industry and Country Selection Purpose To determine the industry and the country you will use as the basis for your research paper. Action Items Determine which country you would like to explore for the research paper. Research each of your three countries and determine which industry you would like to research for each country. THE COUNTRY is —-> Saudi Arabia – Oil and Gas industry Note: THE COUNTRY is —-> Saudi Arabia – Oil and Gas industry Research Paper Purpose This research paper is intended to assess your ability to: describe the different theories that explain trade flows between nations discuss the implications that international trade theory has for business practice describe the policy instruments used by governments to influence international trade flows discuss the range of policy instruments that governments use to influence FDI Overview For this assignment, you will research an industry in a specific country in light of International Trade Theory covered in Chapter 6 of the textbook. The theory is to be critiqued in light of the industry. You also will apply the National Competitive Advantage: Porter\’s Diamond (see page 181) to the industry to explain its development and success. Action Items Review the grading rubric (below) for this assignment. Go to the discussion topic, \”Assigned Country and Industry\” in Industry and Country Selection to see which country and industry your professor selected for you to research. Review the Industry Research page of the MBA Library Guide. Review the sample APA paper in Academic Paper Guidelines. Research the following for your paper: Your assigned industry and its history within the country. How international trade theory fits the industry. How international trade theory is used to explain a country\’s competitiveness (Porter\’s Diamond). You will need to address all four parts of the diamond. Write a 6- to 7-page paper that addresses your research. At a minimum, your paper should have five sections that include an introduction, a section for each of three research topics in the Action Items, and a conclusion. You are to have at least six credible sources to support your paper with at least two of these from the MBA Journal List. Format the paper according to the Academic Paper Guidelines. Submit your paper to Your professor will supply the course ID and password for the course. Read the originality report and modify your paper as needed. This may include adding proper citations or better paraphrasing. Submission Instructions Upload your research paper using the Submit tool. Grading Criteria See the Research Paper Grading Rubric for specific details: 0 – 150 pointsCountry Saudi Arabia – Oil and Gas industry