critical analysis of Deloitte Economics

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I need just questions 2 and 3. (Q1 is not required)
1) for Question 2,. required to use more sources than Deloitte Economics (2016)?

In this question, you need to provide critical assessment on the quality of Deloitte Economics (2016). In doing so, you need to use the wider literature than the report to make your arguments, discussions, justification critical. ( it says similar to Q4 in the assinment 2)I will upload this q4 with its answer but the answer is writen for US. However, i need the answer of this quesetion(Q2) be writen for Australia not US.

2) for question 3, (only 800 word) it is required to use the sources that you have provided to justify your responses and others sources?

This is the synthesis of your views and arguments in presenting your views. Simple frameworks can be used to answer this question. However, if you have wider literature (data & information) to support your arguments, then you marks will be higher. Note that you need to read the marking criteria to see where your answers stay in the scale (i.e. excellent or just pass).

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