Critical Analysis on Scheherazade in 1001 nights

Scheherazade how she could be viewed as a hero and the role women played during that time. Therefore, for my paper I want to write about 1001 Nights but explore the character of Scheherazade on how she was strong and heroic at an age and time where women were being oppressed she finds a unique approach to keep the king from killing her as the king as done to previous women. By doing so, Scheherazade retells stories that she remembered that keeps the king intrigued enough to keep her alive. Therefore, Scheherazade tells stories that earn her continued existence even after he threatens her Scheherazade remains rebellious, secure in the knowledge that she could bring the king’s wrath upon him. Furthermore, Scheherazade puts women in a different light in 1001 Nights by showing the audience that women can be courageous, intelligent and influence others despite the negative opinions of women at the time. Scheherazade tells king Shahryar stories to keep him at bay so he wouldn’t kill her or any other woman after her but also identify a few virtues that the king learns from his wife as she tells the stories. Choose a couple of stories with themes that teach certain virtues such as courage, or patience, or wisdom that this king definitely did not have in the beginning, and use them to illustrate what Scherezade was trying to show him by providing him with lessons that he didn’t realize until further into the story.