Critical reflection

2. The individual 1000-word report

You are asked to write a critical reflection on your learning based on each of the lectures. While you still have to reference models and concepts using either ?Harvard? what matters most for this critical reflection are your own reflective thoughts that show that you have critically engaged with each of the topics covered in the lectures. It is important to not just be descriptive or even analytical but to have interesting thoughts as well as convincing and nuanced arguments. Please also show some extended reading to demonstrate that you have given the topics, as well as the how you want to discuss these topics, some consideration outside the lecture and seminar time.

You can either approach this assignment with clear sections, e.g. around 150 words for 4 2-hour lectures & 50 words per seminar with the remaining word allowance for a short introduction and conclusion and overall findings. Or alternatively you can use any models developed for critical reflection, like Gibb?s Reflective Cycle, Kolb?s Experiential Learning Cycle or Agyris? Ladder of Inference, and integrate / combine the different topics into them.
The overarching aim of this assessment is that you engage with the topics and (de)construct your own previous (mis)conceptions and those of the lecturers. It is about not taking things at their face value but to dig deeper and question underlying beliefs. Writing down your thoughts is meant to help you with this process and to reinforce your learning.
1. This assessment covers in particular LO 2. Which is: Evaluate contemporary practices in the management of organisations

combo order editing plus critical thinking. 2 pages each.