Critical review of MapMyGene genetic testing company

Critically evaluate the company’s from science prospective and business prospective . DO NOT ACCEPT THECOMPANY’S INFORMATION AS BEING TRUE. Examine what they are stating/claiming as providing their customers. Use the following questions as a guide:1. What are they providing their customers?2. How are they providing it? What measures are they using to assure quality and security of the testing?3. Who is running the company? What credentials do they have? Why are theyqualified to perform this type of testing or run this business? [TRY TO INTERVIEW SOMEONE IN THE COMPANY.]4. How much does the testing cost the consumer? How much does it cost the company? (You will unlikely be able to find the specific costs, therefore, you will have to make an estimate. Be sure to state your assumptions.) How many tests must be performed to “breakeven?” What do you conclude about the economics of this business, i.e., is there a market for this testing?5. What “value” does the testing provide the customer? What benefit does the customer gain now/later?6. What ethical and/or legal issues impact their testing?