critical review

Essay #1
Each student must write a critique of the videos we watched in the first week of class. This essay is a critical review that illuminates the positive and negative aspects of the work, the effectiveness of the material\’s intention as well as your overall opinion of the videos in terms of their content, their manner of delivery, or even their cinematography. You are NOT to use \”I\” as this is a formal critique. Make sure to use specific examples from the videos to display your critique of it effectively.

All writing assignments must meet the following criteria:
1. Each must be a minimum of 500 words.
2. The purpose for writing each assignment must be clear.
3. The audience to which each assignment is addressed must be obvious.
4. The organization and writing style should be appropriate for the type of writing.

The videos are the following found by the below links

1. Heroes Of The Enlightenment Ep1 52 mins long

2. Heroes Of The Enlightenment Ep2 52 mins long