Critically evaluate the evidence that courtroom eyewitness evidence is unreliable

1. Begin with any supporting evidence you can find that eyewitness evidence actually is unreliable. Discuss the evidence about what makes peoples testimony unreliable.
2. On the other hand, you should consider both sides of argument. Is there any counter-evidence to this (are people really that unreliable?). Are there any flaws in this supporting evidence that undermine the robustness of the findings (especially those old and outdated experiments)?
3. Then, you should attempt to criticize the weaknesses of the evidence and use updated existing literature to support your argument. Most of the eyewitness evidence is from experimental research in laboratories and it is fine to use this.
4. The major focus of this essay should be on describing and critiquing a small number of studies that identify weaknesses in different types of eyewitness testimony and how different factors can affect the accuracy of eyewitness testimony, as well as attempting to criticize the essay question. You can include the issues of child and vulnerable witness.
5. Conclude the essay with a short discussion of the promising evidence about how to improve eyewitness retrieval. Credit will be given if demonstrating excellent critical thinking.
6. You should use the suggested journal article (these will be uploaded after finishing placing order) and must also through your own research for existing literature. Number of references should be at least 30 or above.
7. Please use UK English.