Critique of a Language Proficiency Testing Instrument

The specific testing instrument is the Inside OutCoursebook Full Placement Test.

Students will be required to critique the test and suggest improvements, revise the assessment and pilot it, present a written report describing, explaining and evaluating the processes undertaken.

The adapted test will need to be piloted on the target test-taker audience (i.e. students of the appropriate language level). Students will be required to administer the test to a minimum of five non-native English speakers.
(i am attaching assignment that is already written on this topic but teacher has made suggestions to improve you need to use that assignment and merge it with your work.
for changing test it is not necessary that u change only few question .it is your choice u can change a whole section.but it should be in line with a good test.for changing or adding questions or sections in the test it is not necessary that u create the question.u can choose questions or sections from any existing language test such as any reading task from ielts test etc.but u will have to reference that where did u get this section.
i am pasting my teacher\’s comments on previous assignment so u may get the idea what is required to be done in this assignment.
here goes teacher\’s feedback

Think about fully transforming the test using the communicative language testing principles we\’ve learnt. If you don\’t include a listening and speaking section you\’ll have to justify in your report why these aren\’t important. If you don\’t integrate skills you\’ll have to justify why separate is better.

Your test is still far far far too long and very repetitive. There is no way that it could be done by a student in 1 hour and 45 minutes. you need to ruthlessly cut down on everything – remember that grammar and vocabulary can be assessed through writing and speaking – they don\’t have to be separately assessed, especially not over and over again! think carefully about what topics and grammatical structures are elicited through your other tasks, then only include grammar and vocab that isn\’t covered by that. you need to delete about two thirds of what you have here in order to have a manageable test.

think about marking time – there is time pressure if the students start their new class the next day – so you don\’t want to spend too long marking all that writing – one or two writing tasks is enough, if they are open-ended they will elicit the advanced vocab and grammar you\’re looking for.

timing – remember that an ielts test gives you an hour to write and an hour to read. you\’ve got about the same amount of reading and writing here. that means it is already two hours long, even without the grammar and vocabulary, listening and speaking. Cut!

hope that helps.
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Alright thanks for your advice. I wanted to delete more but i thought may be we are not supposed to change it totally. Do we need i want to remove three levels… is that okay if i keep one reading and one writing task rather than three?
:::::teacher\’s answer::::
Definitely ok but you will have to find a reading task with some very easy questions and some medium and some difficult ones so that you can rest the whole range. Same with listening.

@@@@ only harvard anglia style of referencing@@@
references are already there in my assignment.but u can add more for data u source.
must reference the test name and place where u pick question for adding into test